Nic Roc, (407) 616-5595

Objective :   I would love the position of assistant editor because I want to
learn the techniques
used by your chief editor through keen observation, and hard work. I am more than
willing to do any grunt work necessary in order to gain the knowledge and
needed to climb the ladder within your company.  

Selected Experience : 
• Editor, 10/09
I recently worked on a action sports DVD with John Crites named “Tough Stuff.” I
created the DVD menu, as well as edited the Intro section and friends montage.
• Editor, 7/09
A new rollerblade company called Nimh Skates was looking for some new fresh
talent to help market their product. I edited online sponsorship tapes for their
new Pro rider Joey Chase.
• Best Boy Electric, 1/09
A 15 hour video shoot for a short film by John Heppe titled “Magic”. I worked in
between shots with the director by my side to ensure the lighting continuity was
on point while the amount of daylight changed over the course of this shoot.
• Production Assistant, 11/08
The Harley Davidson dealerships in Orlando film 8 new commercials annually.
On this shoot I helped move sand bags for the lighting, cleaned the floor and
windows, polished motorcycles, as well took orders from the director for
numerous errands/refreshments.

Education : Valencia Community College,
A.A general studies & A.S film production, currently enrolled, sophomore 2009

References :  Ben Van Hook; Director, (407) 693-8576 ,
                         John Crites; Editor, (407) 863-9965,
                    John Heppe; Director, (321) 741-3321,